Welcome to the New Support Center

On behalf of Technology Services, I would like to welcome you to the online Support Center which launched on January 22, 2019. The Support Center is a single point of contact for support related to Technology Services, Curriculum & Instruction, Food Services and Transportation Services, with Human Resources joining soon.  This includes the advancement of our online services to submit and manage your support case requests. Our goal is to improve staff access information and the ability submit requests to multiple departments in the District. 

I invite you to explore the new Support Center, most notably the following:

Service Catalog (Login Required) 

The Service Catalog provides a shopping cart view of available services and support options in Curriculum & Instruction, Food Services and Transportation Services. We're working to include additional services over the next few weeks, but encourage you to use the Service Catalog for all support requests. With automation in place, your request will be routed to a team member without requiring manual intervention before support begins. 


The knowledgebase is a continuously updated collection of our most frequently asked questions and answers. Search is included on each page in the Support Center and each time you submit a case online or by email, you'll receive a list of questions that matches the type of support you may be requesting. Our goal is to provide "just-in-time" support. If your question is not in our knowledgebase, reach out by submitting a case and we'll be sure to add an article for future use. 

Case Status (Login Required)

We've heard from the community that understanding the status of a support request is critical. So, in addition to email notifications to provide timely feedback and replying directly to email, you can also view the status of any/all of your submitted cases online through the Support Center website. 

District Services "At-a-Glance"

A new feature of the Support Center is the ability to view realtime status of key applications and services used by the District. Available from the Support Center homepage, we've made five of these indicators available and will be adding indicators for each of the online digital tools in the weeks to come. 

Technology Services will continue to expand the department’s online service catalog, knowledgebase, and launch additional self-service options.  We look forward to your feedback on the Support Center and the tools available to you through this service. On each page there is a purple "Site Feedback" button which provides a four question survey and encourage you to submit your thoughts as you use the service.

You can access the Support Center through the Single Sign-On portal, by visiting support.ipsd.org, downloading the Support Center app (iOS or Android) or emailing support@ipsd.org. 

Adam Smeets

Chief Technology Officer