How do I update my Chromebook with Gopher Buddy?

While the Chromebooks are set to automatically download and apply new updates directly from Google, you may see an alert regarding updates coming from the “Gopher Buddy”. The Gopher Buddy is a tool that Tech Services has deployed to assist with this process.

Please note: Chromebooks need to be shut down or restarted after downloading an update to complete the update process (closing the lid does not actually cause the Chromebook to shutdown).

The instructions below will walk you through how to manually check to see if a Chromebook needs an update.

Plug in the Chromebook or check for full battery charge before starting. 

  • Open Chrome
     After logging onto your Chromebook with a Staff or Student account, launch Google Chrome.

  • Select Gopher Buddy
     Launch the Gopher Buddy extension. It is located at the top right of the browser window.

  • Update from Gopher Buddy
    After launching Gopher Buddy it will automatically check to see if your device needs updates. If any are found, click "Fix It".
  • Update Google Chrome OS
    After running Gopher Buddy "About Chrome OS" will launch and start to update your Chromebook. Select "Restart" after the update has completed.
    Note: If restart is not listed select "Check for updates", then restart the device.

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