How do I dock my laptop with a projector? (ES/MS only)

What is the purpose of a docking station?

  • The Docking Station allows for the quick switching out of your computer without having to unplug various cables.
  • The dock will also provide power/charging capabilities while docked along with a hardwired network connection.

How to operate the docking station?

  • You will want to ensure that the dock switch is fully pushed in while utilizing the Docking Station.
  • Additionally, please ensure the dock switch is fully pulled out when un-docking your laptop.
  • See corresponding video for demonstration: Docking laptop in a classroom

Docking Your Laptop

  1. Place your laptop onto the dock so the back is flush with the dock.

    • Note: You do not need to shut down or logoff the laptop when docking or un-docking

2. Slide the activate switch to the left to activate the dock. If your laptop is off, press the power button above the activate switch to turn power on the laptop. 

3. You should see your computer displaying on your external monitor.  If you do not see an image on the monitor check the data projector image.

4. Your laptop can only utilize two screens simultaneously. If your room does not have both a monitor and data projector then the laptop screen can be the second display (see instructions for office).

  • Note: Keep your laptop CLOSED if you have BOTH an external monitor AND data projector.

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