How do I extend to my projector or monitor?

Configuring For Extended Desktop

Using the extend option will give you the ability of two screens to work with.  This can also be useful by allowing you to "drag" opened program windows over to a classroom projector to display while you continue to work on other material with your monitor.  To extend your desktop, follow these steps while your laptop is docked.

  1. On your keyboard, press and hold the Windows Key & tap the P key to bring up the project menu, then using your mouse, select Extend

  2. Your projector or monitor will now display a copy of your desktop background.  You will now need to "drag" a program window to the right of your monitor until it is showing on your projector.

  • Note:  If you cannot drag to the right (or left), your monitor layout could be reversed.  Follow the Dual Monitor Setup Guide.

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