How do I configure my dual monitors?

If your office has a dual monitor setup, you may find the cursor may not flow from one monitor to the next or you may want to reverse which monitor has all your desktop icons on.

Correcting the Displays Position
  1. Right click on a blank area of your desktop and select Display Settings
  2. You should see two squares with numbers inside, these represent your physical monitors
  3. If you click the Identify button, you will see a pop up on each monitor identifying which monitor is which

  4. If the identifying numbers do not align to the position on the screen, click on a numbered square and drag it to the correct position

  5. Click Apply for changes to take effect

Setting the Main Display
If you would prefer your desktop icons to be on the left monitor (or the right monitor)
  1. While still in the Display Settings screen, click on the desired monitor number you want to be your main screen
  2. Scroll down to Multiple Displays
  3. Put a check in Make this my main display


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