How do I login to Google Chrome?

To synchronize all your Google Chrome bookmarks, website passwords, apps, start up pages, & browsing history, you will need to sign into your browser

  • With Google Chrome open, select the person icon in the upper right corner
    • Select Turn on sync...
    • At the Google sign-in page, enter in your full IPSD email address
    • Next, you will be directed to the SSO sign-in page
      • Enter in your SSO username (ie. firstname_lastname)
      • Enter in your SSO password

  • After signing in, you will be prompted to Turn on sync, choose Turn On at the bottom

    • Once sync has been enabled, you will then be prompted to Link Data (settings, bookmarks, history, etc.)  Choose Link Data

    Note:  You will have to close and relaunch your Chrome browser for your custom start up pages to take effect.

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