How do I add a subscriber email address to a ListServ?

Adding a Single Email Address

NOTE:  before starting, this is to be done from a computer that is connected to the district’s network.  It can either be done from a computer plugged into the district network or if you were granted vpn privileges then you would be able to connect via that vpn connection.  

Website:  https://listserv.ipsd.org

  1. Click Log In in the upper right corner
  2. Enter in your full IPSD email address and IPSD password, click Log In
  3. After logging in you will see the ListServ Archives page
  4. Click on List Management then Subscriber Management

  5. If you manage more than one ListServ list, choose the appropriate list from the drop down menu.  If you do not see the list you want to manage, you can select the grouped lines below the drop down menu

    (ex. Click on [MV~NVH] to get to the NVGold-SCI list)

  6. You can add email addresses under the Add New Subscriber box in the Email Address and Name field

  7. Check to either send or not send notification to the subscriber

  8. Then click the Add to [ListServ Name] button

Adding Multiple Email Addresses

  1. Prepare & Save a text file on your computer containing all the email addresses and names to be added to the list

    • The file must consist of one email address per line
    • The name associated with that email address may follow it on the same line separated by at lease one space
    • Names are optional and may be omitted

  2. Click on Bulk Operations tab
  3. Select the appropriate list from the drop down menu
  4. Make sure the Add the imported addresses to [ListServ Name]; do not remove any subscribers is checked
  5. Click Choose File to find the text file you saved and click Import

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