Chromebook 1:1 Repair Workflow Guide including Lost Equipment and Damages

This article describes the process to follow where there is physical damage, non-working Chromebooks or lost Chromebooks and/or chargers that are assigned to a student for the One to One (1:1) technology implementation.


This information is printed on the back of the Chromebook Repair Request forms for reference. If you need additional Chromebook Repair Request forms, please submit Chromebook Repair request.


  • Student brings damaged/non-working Chromebook to LMC and discusses/demonstrates issue with LMC staff.
  • LMC staff provides troubleshooting assistance with the Chromebook. If the issue is still present, follow these steps:
    1. The LMC Director will provide a spare/loaner Chromebook to the student checked out through Destiny.
    2. A helpdesk ticket needs to be opened.
    3. If physical damage is present, the LMC staff submits photos of the damaged Chromebook and attaches the images to the helpdesk ticket.
    4. The Chromebook Repair Request form needs to be filled out and attached to the Chromebook and placed in the to-be-repaired location.
Technology Services
  • Technology Services staff will pick-up the Chromebook and assess the issue.
  • If physical damage beyond normal wear and tear is shown, the Technology Services staff will make the repair, enter a charge into the helpdesk system, return the repaired unit (or replacement if a total replacement is required) to the LMC repaired location.
  • For all other repairs, the Chromebook will be serviced and the repaired unit (or replacement if a total replacement is required) will be returned to the LMC repaired location.


  • LMC staff notifies teacher or student that repaired unit is available for pickup.
  • LMC staff collects and inspects the spare/loaner Chromebook.
  • LMC staff removes the Chromebook Repair Request form from the Chromebook.
  • LMC staff returns repaired/replaced Chromebook to the student.


Refer to the district website for repair and replacement cost information: http://www.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx/OneToOne 

Charges will be reviewed and submitted to PushCoin. Parents will be notified via Pushcoin and have an opportunity to appeal.


Examples of damages include:

  • Cracked screen
  • Broken charger/AC adapter
  • Keys missing from keyboard that do not have all working parts to re-attach
  • Camera lens punctured
  • Ports on the side of the device bent, foreign material inserted into the ports, including broken headphone jack
  • Broken hinge
  • Broken/cracked bezel
  • Exterior damage to bottom cover, lid, or protective case
  • Water damage

Lost/Stolen Equipment

If a charger is lost/stolen, the student will be charged the cost of a replacement charger.

If a protective case is lost/stolen, the student will be charged the cost of a case.

If the Chromebook is lost/stolen, follow the Chromebook Repairs Workflow Guide. Tech Services will disable the Chromebook. When a Chrome device is disabled, it presents a locked screen which blocks any use of the device.

If the device is returned undamaged within a reasonable amount of time, there is no charge. 

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