Data Projector Bulb Needs to Replaced

This article explains what do if the data projector bulb/lamp appears to need replacing.

See the LMC staff for COW (cart on wheels) if you need a data projector immediately. 

Not Working

If the data projector is not working, here are some preliminary steps to follow:

  • If the bulb popped, it needs to be replaced. Please submit a Projector Bulb request.
  • If the data projector shut off and has red lights, pull the power cable that is plugged into the back of the data projector. Clean out the air filter. Plug back in the data projector and see if that resolved the issue. It's likely that it has overheated if the air filter was clogged.
  • Make sure the plastic lens cover slide is completely opened. If it is not completely slid open, most models will not project anything to the screen.

If those steps were not applicable or did not resolve the issue, please open a Projector Bulb request or a Projector Issue request for non-bulb issues with the projector.

Replace Lamp Message

If there is a message stating that the lamp needs to be replaced, but the data projector is still working you can continue to use the data projector without issue. To suppress the message, the lamp hours need to reset on the data projector by pressing the Menu button and navigating to the Reset menu and resetting only the lamp hours.

Blue/Green/Red Hue

This is typically the video cable that runs from the wall port to the back of the docking station or computer that is loose or needs to be replaced. Please make sure the cable is securely attached to both ends. If so and the issue persists, please submit a Projector Issue request so Tech Services can investigate further.


If the data projector is dim, adjusting the brightness settings on the data projector may help. These settings can be found by pressing the Menu button on the remote. The bulb should not be replaced until it is no longer working or if extremely dim and unreadable. If so, please submit a Projector Bulb request and Technology Services will assess if it warrants a bulb replacement.


This is typically not an issue with the bulb, but an issue with the focus setting near the lens of the data projector. Adjust the focus wheel as needed. If the issue persists, please submit a Projector Issue request so Tech Services can investigate further.

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