Register for Home Access. Claiming your Home Access account.

To log into Home Access Center (HAC) you need to claim your account. Parents/guardians will need to have access to the email account on file with the District. For parents/guardians of multiple students you will only need to do this once to see all your children. For middle & high school students you will use your District Google account.

1. Go to the Home Access Center Website


2. Follow the “Click Here to Register for HAC” link


3. Complete the User Verification

4. Click Register


5. Continue the Registration

a. Select a Username

Please note: If the new student online registration was used, do NOT use the same username when registering for Home Access.

b. Create 2 Challenge Questions & Answers – These will be used if you ever forget your password

c. Click “Finish”


6. You will be sent an email to create a password and log into Home Access Center.

a. You will need access to the email on file with the District

b. You will need to know the answer to one of your Challenge Questions

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