What does the status in my support case mean?

All cases opened through the Support Center have a status associated to them.

Status of your case What does it mean?
Submitted to Support Center Your support case has been created.
Assigned to Support Team Member A District team member is assigned to your case.
On Hold Your case is on hold.
Equipment out for repair
The equipment associated with your case is being repaired out of the District.
Equipment parts on order Part have been ordered for the equipment associated with your case.
Awaiting your response District team member is waiting for your reply.
Awaiting vendor response District team member is waiting for information from an out-of-District vendor.
Awaiting event date Your case is paused, awaiting your event date.
Awaiting admin approval Your case is paused, awaiting approval from an administrator
Resolved The District team member has completed work. You can reopen the case with a reply.
Completed Your case has been completed and closed.

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