How to Setup IPSD Email to your Apple iOS Device or iPhone

Refer to this article for a reference on how to setup District email on your Apple iOS device.

Adding IPSD Email Account

  1. Open Settings and select Mail Please Note: If the Mail icon is not visible, you have removed the Mail app from your phone, please visit the App Store to redownload Mail.
  2. Within Mail, select Accounts
  3. In the Accounts menu, choose Add Account

  4. At the Add Account screen you will see a list to choose from. Select Exchange.

  5. You will be prompted for your Email (use your full email address including @ipsd.org). The Description field will be auto-populated with “Exchange”. It is recommended to include a more descriptive Description like “Exchange – IPSD”. Select Next.

  6. The next screen pop-up you will see is “Sign in to your “ipsd.org” Exchange account using Microsoft?” Select Sign In.

  7. Enter your IPSD password and select Sign in.
  8. If you are prompted with "Would you like to save this password in your iCloud Keychain to use with apps and websites on all your devices? Save Password, Never for This Website, Not Now", it is recommended to choose Save Password.
  9. The next screen will have 5 choices for you to either turn on or off by moving the slider button (green for on and white for off). Your choices are: Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Notes.  It is recommended that Mail, Calendars, and Reminders be turned on. Select Save and close all of the open Settings screens. 
  10. Back at the Home screen, select the Mail app (envelope). 
  11. Your email will come down onto your phone. Note: If you delete from your phone, you also delete from Outlook.

Removing IPSD Email Account

  1. Go to Settings and scroll down to Mail,
  2. In Mail, tap Accounts, then your IPSD specific account.
  3. Delete any association to your IPSD email account on your device first. If you do have an IPSD email address listed for an Account, then select it from the Account lists. The name of this account would be whatever name you gave it when you initially set it up. Once you have selected that account, select Delete Account. This will remove its associated calendars, reminders and contacts from your iOS device if your Calendars and Contacts were selected to sync.

Click here for step-by-step instructions from the Microsoft site on how to set up your email on any mobile device.

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