How do I restore a recently deleted E-Mail?

From Outlook 

Restore Recently Deleted E-Mail

1.Open your Outlook software 

2.Scroll down on the left panel and click on “Deleted Items”


3.Click on “Recover Deleted Items from Server” from the top ribbon


4.A new window titled “Recover Deleted Items” appears

5.Scroll through the list to find the e-mail needed

           a.Make sure “Restore Selected Items” is checked

           b.Click on the e-mail(s) you want to restore

           c.Click ok

6.The restored e-mail will appear in your “Deleted Items” folder


From O365 

1.Open a browser of choice

2.Go to https://outlook.office.com

3.Scroll down on the left side pane and click on “Deleted Items”


4.Right click on “Deleted Items”

5.Click on “Recover deleted items…”


6.Your e-mail list will now read as “Recoverable Items”

          a.Click on the e-mail(s) you want to restore 

          b.Click on “Recover”  

          c.A new window will appear titled “Recover Items” 

          d.Click “OK”

7.The recovered e-mail will restore to the original folder it was deleted from

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