My docking station is not working correctly

When I dock my laptop into my docking station, nothing happens or it is not charging the laptop battery.

Try the following troubleshooting steps:

Power Light Not Illuminated on Dock

  • Make sure the power light on the docking station is illuminated. This happens only when the laptop is securely connected to the dock and the docking station slider bar is in the locked position.
  • Make sure the both the laptop and docking station are on a completely flat surface. If not, clear out any debris and try again.
  • Check that the power cable is plugged into the correct port on the back of the docking station as well as to a power source. 
  • If plugged into a power strip, reset the power strip or make sure the power strip is powered on.
  • Make sure you are receiving power from the outlet.

Power Light Illuminated on Dock
  • Undock the laptop, power it on while undocked, close the lid, re-dock the laptop.
  • If the power cable is not all the way inserted into the back of the docking station or the power strip needs to be reset, the docking station will work except the battery will not charge. Check that all parts of the docking station power cable are secure and reset the power strip.

If you are still having issues, submit a Docking Station Issue request.

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