How do I download Adobe Creative Cloud apps at home?

1. Go to https://www.adobe.com and select Sign In in the upper right. 

2. Sign in with your email address and password as noted for both Federated and Enterprise ID types (do not choose Sign in Facebook or Google).

  • The windows will blink a few times and you might notice a Microsoft page briefly (you may be asked for your email address or password again). This is all normal.

3. After successful authentication you may then select Desktop Downloads  

4. Download the Creative Cloud Desktop Application.

5. Once installed, an icon like this one will appear on your desktop.

6. Click the Adobe Creative Cloud icon and the Creative Cloud Apps Panel will appear. Install the Creative Cloud apps that you would like by selecting the Install button to the right of the description of the app. If an app displays Try, you do not have access to that product and can utilize a seven-day trial.

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