About the Support Center

We have upgraded the Technology Services helpdesk to an improved District Support Center. The new support portal brings with it a much improved knowledge base where you can search for quick answers to your questions. If you are unable to find what you need, you can easily submit a support request.

Access the IPSD Support Center by visiting the SSO and clicking the Support Center link.

Support Center Homepage

You can return to this page by clicking the IPSD logo in the upper left corner.

Enter keyword(s) in the search box to find answers as well as your open support cases. Hit enter for the list view or just click on the item.

You can now also see service items within the search.  Click on the appropriate item to submit a new request.

You can browse through the articles by visiting Read the Knowledgebase. This will take you to general categories. We will be adding more articles and topics regularly.

Do you need assistance from our support teams?

Visit Submit a Support Request.

Use the search box to find the request item that best fits your needs. You can also browse through the Service Categories in the left panel to view all items in a category.

Fill out the form and click Place Request at the upper right.

You will see the summary page after submitting your case.

You can update your case by simply entering your information and clicking Reply at the lower left.

Already have an open case with us?

Type keyword(s) in the home page search box if you know which case you’d like to see.

You can view your entire case list by clicking on Review Your Support Cases.

Click on a case to see the summary page and add a reply.

You can also update your case by replying to your case notification email.

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