How to Setup IPSD Email to your Android Device or Phone

Refer to this article for a reference on how to setup District email on your Android device.

1. Go to Settings and scroll down to Accounts. Tap Accounts and on the next screen tap Accounts again.

If your account is already set up on your phone and needs to be removed: 

a. In the list of accounts tap the one that has your email for IPSD attached.

b. The next screen, click the blue button “Remove Account” You will get a pop up message stating “Removing the account will delete all of its messages, contacts and other data from the phone. Continue?” Click on the Remove Account button.

c. This will bring you back to the Accounts screen.

d. Continue on to step 2

2. Click on Add Account.

5. From the list choose: Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

a. Type your full email address and password.

b. Click next on the next screen.

6. Apply Security Setting.

a. Here you can adjust your mail sync period from 1 day – 2 weeks.

     Change your sync schedule, email retrieval size, calendar sync period from 2 weeks to always stayed synced.

     Then Notify me when email arrives.

7. Turn on or off Sync Contacts, Sync Calendar, Sync Task Sync Messages

8. Read Phone Administrator message from the Exchange Administrator and Accept by clicking Activate.

That’s it! Email will sync with Exchange online mail. If you delete something on your phone from email, it will be gone from your inbox when you log into your outlook on your computer.

Click here for step-by-step instructions from the Microsoft site on how to set up your email on any mobile device.

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