Password & Additional Student Information in Home Access (Password, username, email address, state ID, IPSD ID)

A secure link is provided to find your/your student’s ID#, Network/Google ID, Network/Google password, Locker and Locker combination. Please follow the steps below to access this information. If you have any questions please contact your school directly.

  1.  Login to https://ipe-hac.eschoolplus.powerschool.com/HomeAccess using your Home Access Center (HAC) credentials.
  2.  From the Home page, click the School Links tab.

3. Follow the Additional Student Information link.

4. You will be redirected to a secure page and prompted to re-enter your HAC login credentials for security purposes. 

Use the same login information you used to log into Home Access Center. 

5. You will see with your ID, Network/Google ID & Password, Locker & Locker combo and Student State ID.

a. For students – personal student information will show.

b. For guardians – there is one line for each student’s personal information

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