eSchoolPlus Family APP

eSchoolPLUS Family App Provides Quick Access to Student Information

 Now you can access school information from mobile devices using the eSchoolPLUS Family App. Use the app to view attendance, classwork, class and activity calendar events, fees, student grades, and transportation information. Also, send email to a teacher by tapping the teacher's name.

The student alerts you subscribed to in Home Access Center can be viewed directly in the app using the Notifications option. Use the Preferences option to change your student alert subscriptions and the email address on record with the school.

Here’s where to get the eSchoolPLUS Family App for free:

For iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone, use App Store.
For Android devices, use Google Play Store app.
For Kindle Fire and Fire phones, use Amazon App Store.

 The app is supported on: iOS 7.1+ (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)+


Select Your School District

The first time you open the eSchoolPLUS Family app, you'll need to select the district. Our district is Indian Prairie CUSD 204.  You can search for the district by name and state or by location.

Log into eSchoolPLUS Family App

The user name and password for Home Access Center and the eSchoolPLUS Family app are the same. 

(If you do not have a user name and password, please register for an account at https://ipe-hac.eschoolplus.powerschool.com/HomeAccess.  Follow these directions to register for an account.)

1. Enter your Home Access Center user name.

2. Enter password.

Retrieve a Forgotten Password

Use Home Access Center if you have forgotten your password. Home Access Center allows you to reset your password after answering challenge questions.

 Select Student

If you have access to multiple students, you can quickly switch the student in view.

1. Tap student's name to display a list of your other students.

2. Tap student you want to display. The student's Home screen displays.

View Student Alert Notifications

Student alerts for attendance, discipline, classwork, progress report, report card, and immunization information display as notifications within the app. Your subscriptions determine which alerts you will get for the student.

The Notifications option includes a badge to show the number of unread notifications.

1. Tap Notifications. On the Notifications screen, unread notifications display in bold text.

2. Tap a notification to view it.

3. Then:

  • To close the notification, tap Back. The notification is marked as read.
  • To delete the notification, tap Delete. Tap Delete on the Do you really want to delete this notification? pop-up.

Navigate the eSchoolPLUS Family App

1. Tap application menu.

2. Tap the option to display. The list of options that follows includes all options that can be displayed on the menu, and may include options that you do not have on your menu.


Home. Displays school news, events, and assignments for today and tomorrow. Icons displays to allow quick navigation to other screens.


Notifications. Displays student alerts for the student.


Attendance. Displays student's attendance calendar.


Calendar. Displays a calendar of the student's events and assignments.


Classwork. Displays the student's class assignments in a week view.


Fees. This section of eSchool is not used at IPSD 204.  For Fee information go to the district online fee payment system Pushcoin


Progress Report. Displays the student's progress grade information.


Report Card. Displays the student's grade information.


Resources. Displays links to other resources that you might find helpful.


Schedule. Displays the student's schedule. This is only available for Middle and High School Students at IPSD 204.

Activities. Displays the student athletic or club activities.


Transportation. Displays the student's transportation information.


Preferences. Displays options to change your student alert subscriptions and email address. Also, includes an option to save your username. On Android devices, this option displays on the overflow menu instead of the application menu.


Logout. On Android devices, this option displays on the overflow menu instead of the application menu.

View Attendance

1. Tap  Attendance.

2. To move back or forward a month, use the arrow buttons above the calendar.

3. Tap a date to see attendance detail.

4. Tap X to close the day's attendance.

View Event and Assignment Calendar

1. Tap  Calendar.

2. To move back or forward a month, use the arrow buttons above the calendar.

3. Tap date to display the list of events or assignments below the calendar.

4. Tap an event or assignment to display more details.

5. To add it to your device's calendar, tap Add to Personal Calendar.

6. Tap X to close the event or assignment.

View List of Upcoming Events and Assignments

1. Tap  Calendar.

2. Tap List.

3. Tap Today.

View Classwork

1. Tap  Classwork.

2. Tap class to view.

3. To move back or forward a week, use the arrow buttons above the list of assignments.

4. Tap an assignment to view additional information.

5. To add it to your device's calendar, tap Add to Personal Calendar.

6. Tap X to close the assignment.

7. To select another class, tap device's Back button.

Open Additional District Resources

1. Tap  Resources.

2. Tap link to open it in the web browser.

Change Alert Subscriptions

Alert subscriptions can be changed from the Preferences screen of the app. Use the Receive Notification field to select subscription options for an alert. For Attendance and Discipline alerts, you can limit the alert so you are only notified for specific types.

1. Tap menu on right.

2. Tap Preferences.

3. For an alert, select the options for your subscription. In the Receive Notification field, select None (to not subscribe to alert), Push Notification, Both (to receive a push notification on your mobile device and an email), or Email.

4. On an iOS device, tap Done, then Save.

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