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Calendario semanal


El calendario semanal muestra las tareas asignadas y la asistencia por clase de lunes a viernes. 

1. Week Control – Clicking the arrows moves forward and backward one week at a time.

2. Class – This column displays information about each class the student is enrolled in for the current marking period.

3. Current Average – Displays the most recent grade. This is a “live” grade. To view a complete list of assignments, click the the overall grade or go to the Classes section.

4. Week Days – This section displays the assignments and the grade earned on the assignment. Attendance information (if available) will also be displayed in this window.

Enlaces de la escuela

La pestaña de “School Links” (Enlaces de escuelas) muestra un enlace para  información  del estudiante, información de la boleta de calificaciones e información PushCoin.

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