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Classwork – This section shows the “live” grades a student has earned.



1. Screen controls – These buttons allow for all the classes to be quickly expanded or collapsed. The “Refresh View” button applies the filter choices.

2. Filters – There are three filters, “Report Card Run”, “Show” and “Order by.” The “Report Card Run” filters for which marking period to view assignments in the classes. The “Show” filter allows the selection of individual or all classes. The       “Order by” filter toggles between class or assignment due date. After selecting desired filters the Refresh View Button must be pressed to apply the filters.

3. Email Alerts – Alerts for overall course grades and individual assignment grades can be setup and applied here.

4. Classes – This section shows all of the individual assignments that are entered in the courses that the student is enrolled in for the marking period selected. This is a “live” view of all of the assignments entered by the teachers into the gradebook. Any questions about individual grades should first be directed to the classroom teacher.




The Schedule view shows all of the classes the student is enrolled in for the entire school year. Detailed information about each class is also displayed. 

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