Registering for a New Online Enrollment Account

Registering for a New Online Enrollment Account

From the district website, www.ipsd.org, go to the Registration Info section on the left side of the page.

Click the link to register new students online, https://ipe-hac.eschoolplus.powerschool.com/EO_Parent  


Click the Register New Account Link

Fill out all information indicated.

1User information

a. Choose the language, either English or Spanish. 

b. Enter the Guardian first and last name

c. Enter the Guardian phone number

2. Login Information

a. Create a login id and confirm it

b. Enter the Guardian email address

c. Create a Password

d. Confirm Password

3Address – Fill out EACH field separately.

Example address—

 111 South Anywhere Street, Apartment 405, Naperville, Illinois 60564


4. Submit 

Once registered, please login to the Online Enrollment site with the newly created login ID and Password.

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