Creating a New Student Online Enrollment Form

Creating a New Student Online Enrollment Form

Login to new student online enrollment at https://ipe-hac.eschoolplus.powerschool.com/EO_Parent

If you have not created an account yet, please click the link on the login screen – Register New Account. Click here for directions for creating a new account.


1. Click on the New Application button.


2. Click on the Go button

Review Student Information Screen – Enter student personal and demographic information on this screen.  

   1Choose student grade

2Enter in student First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Generation (if applicable) and Nickname.

3Choose student gender

4. Enter student birth date – format – MM/DD/YYYY

5. Choose if the student has Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity

6. Select student Race – hold the Ctrl key to select multiple races

7Select Home Language – If a language other than English is spoken in your home, select it from the dropdown list.

8. Select Native Language – If your child speaks a language other than English, select if from the dropdown list.

9. Select from the drop down list if you want correspondence from the school in a language other than English.

10. Click the Save Section button.

11Click the Next Section button.

Review Mailing Address Screen – Enter Student address information on this screen. 

1. Review the physical address of your student. If the mailing address is the same, check the box.

2Make sure each field in the address is separately. See example.

a. Example address—

b. 111 South Anywhere Street, Apartment 405, Naperville, Illinois 60564

3. Click the Save Section button

4. Click the Next Section button

Review Contact Information Screen – Enter Guardian and Emergency Contact information on this screen. 

Click Add Contact button – the first time this button is clicked, the information populated comes from the Register for a new account processed.

Please choose the type of Contact (Guardian or Emergency)

2. Review the name and address for accuracy (address is only necessary Guardian contacts)

3. Please choose a Relationship from the dropdown menu.


4. Please choose a phone type from the dropdown menu.

5. The remainder of the information is optional.

6. Click Save Section.

Review Contact Information screen. Click  for more contacts

1. Click the Add Contact button to add additional Contacts.

      2.  When finished adding contacts, Click the Next Section button.

Building Information Screen – Note that there is nothing to do on this screen. It is for information only.

1. If the address was entered correctly and it is in the district boundaries, a suggested building and address will be displayed. 

a. If a suggested building is NOT displayed, please go back to the student address screen by clicking the Previous Section button. Once on that screen, ensure that each item is put into the correct field on the form.  See address example above.

b. Bring proof of district residency to your student’s school.

2. Click Next Section button.

Enter Permissions and Additional Information Screen – There are several sections on this screen.  For more information about each section, click on the name of the section 


1. Your student will be opted in to all the permissions listed. 

a. If you do grant permission to all of the permissions listed, there is nothing further to do.

b. If you do NOT grant permission to all or some of the permissions please click on the link to print out the student permission form, fill it out and submit it to the district office or your student’s school.

2. Please fill out the Armed Forces information.

a. Choose Y or N if one of the students Guardians are in the Armed Forces.

b. Check the box if the Guardian is deployed or will be deployed during the school year.

New Enrollment Information.  

Enter the date the student started school in the United States.
Choose the student's country of birth
Check the box is the student had free or reduced lunch at the previous district.
Type in the previous school district name IF the student had free or reduced lunch there.


Enter the phone numbers for the guardian in the ConnectEd Phone 1 and 2 fields. No spaces or dashes, please. Phone 1 is the only required field.

                  These numbers will be used in normal communication

Enter other phone numbers that should be used in case of emergency.

                  These numbers will only be used if an emergency communication goes out from the district or school

Enter up to 3 email addresses used for normal district or building communication.

Enter up to two phone numbers to received texts

Student Handbook and 1:1 Agreement - This section has different links depending on the grade selected at the beginning of the form.

Indian Prairie Education Foundation. 

      Check the box if you wish to donate.  Unchecked box means NO donation.
      Enter the amount you wish to donate.  $30 is the default amount. As stated, once your student is accepted by the building, the amount will be charged to PushCoin.

PreSchool student Information ONLY

Check the box if the student or family receives the services indicated.

Select the number of people who live in the household

Enter the annual income of the household

Downloadable Registration Documents Screen – this Screen has a number of Documents that you can download.  Some are information only and some should be filled out and returned to your student’s school when you go into complete the registration process.        The documents may differ according to the grade level chosen for the student.

Please do NOT upload documents here.  Bring them into your student's building

When Next Section is click, the entire document will be present for review.  Please scroll through the document verifying the data entered.  

Look for those items with the red asterisk (*) next to them.  The * indicates required fields. Questions with the * need to be answered before the form can be submitted to the district.

Once the data is verified, 

Check the I Agree box
Click the Submit button
Optional -you can print the form by clicking on the print button 

If there is any data missing, you will get a pop up message identifying the missing data.  


Click Ok.

As you scroll back through the form, missing data fields will be highlighted in pink.

Fill in the missing data and click the Submit button again.

When the form is successfully submitted, the online enrollment Home screen will show.

1. The student form will show a Submitted status. The form can still be viewed.
2. A new application for another student can be started by click on the New Application button.
3. Click Logout when finished filling out Online Enrollment information.
4. If the form is not finished, the status will say  Saved, but not submitted. The form can be completed later by clicking the edit link 

An email is sent to the guardian email address from sis-registrar stating that the student's form has been submitted.

As the student's building processes the form, you will receive other emails.

Please contact the student's school to finish the registration process.

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