How to Remove a User on a Chromebook

This article describes how to remove a user from a Chromebook. Additionally, it describes what steps to take if you are unable to click on the remove user link. 

To remove a user click on the arrow to the right of the username you intend to remove. Next, click on the remove user link and a second window will open. To complete the removal click on remove user

Occasionally, the computer will NOT allow you to click on the remove user link with either the mouse or the touch screen. If this occurs complete the steps below.

           Option A: Use the Tab + Enter keys on the keyboard.
           Tab allows you to jump around. Then enter to select the highlighted option.

           Option B: Adjust the screen resolution.
           Hold down the Ctrl+Shift keys, then click on the +/- keys to increase/decrease the screen display size.
           This should then allow you to use the mouse or touch screen once you find correct size.

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