How do I Join and Manage a Zoom Meeting?

This article describes how to join and manage a Zoom meeting

Click on the link provided. 

  • If needed access the link on your phone.

Select Open zoom meetings.

  • Accept the download (first time only). 
  • Type in your name if prompted.

Select join with computer audio.

Managing your experience

  • Mute: Turn on/off your microphone
  • Start Video: Turn on/off your camera
  • Manage Participants: Raise your hand to ask a question
  • Chat: Open the chat box to type a message to the host, all, or another participant
  • View (top right corner of the screen):

    1. Speaker view (see the speaker in a larger screen)
    2. Gallery View (see everyone equally-think Brady Bunch view)

Where can I learn more about Zoom?

PD On Demand: Host a Meeting with Zoom

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