Installing Software from the Software Center or Company Portal - PC

Software Center along with Company Portal,  are the tools that District 204 uses to push updates and make new Software available for staff to install.

1. To start launch software Center type "software Center into the Search magnifying glass

2. Click on the Applications tab and then click on the Software Title you wish to install. The installation will begin and depending on the size may take several minutes.   User should either be on site at the District or connected to VPN before installing software from the Software Center (installation times will take longer if installing over VPN).

The example below list the Zoom Cleaner application that will completely remove Zoom from your computer.  This is helpful if you have an issue where the application will not launch.  After cleaning Zoom files from your computer, you would then click the Zoom Installer to re-install the Zoom application on your laptop.

If you receive an error, please submit a Support request at this link: Software Issue Support Case request

The Company Portal is another area where you can install Software from and will work while off network and does not require VPN to be connected.

Select the Application you need installed then Click install, the application will download and then installed. 

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