Installing System Updates or Applications from the Software Center or Company Portal - PC

Software Center along with Company Portal, are the tools that IPSD 204 uses to push system updates, upgrades, and a place for approved software for district staff to install.

Getting to Software Center:

1. Click the Start Menu

2. Using your keyboard type "Software Center"

3. Click on the Software Center App and give it a moment to open.  

You can use Software Center for approved software application installation, installation of important system updates, operating system upgrades, as well as to check installation status and device compliance.

Below you will find 3 sections:

  • To Install Software Applications
  • To Install System Updates
  • To Install Operating System Upgrades

Note: If you already have a working version of Zoom you do not need to install Zoom in the " To Install Software Applications " section, Thank you! 

To Install Software Applications:

1. Click on the Applications button

2. Click on the Software Title you wish to install. 

3. Click the Install Button

Note: Allow the installation to complete depending on the size the installation may take several minutes. Once complete you may see the button reinstall this means that it has completed the installation there is no need to press that button unless you want to reinstall the software. 

Important: User must be onsite connected to IPSD 204 district network or connected to VPN (Globalprotect) before installing software from the Software Center (installation times will take longer if installing over VPN).

The example below list the Zoom Installer Application and as you can see there is a Zoom Uninstaller Application. 

This application helpful if you have an issue where the Zoom. After running the Uninstaller Zoom Cleaner, you can then click the Zoom Installer to re-install the Zoom application on your device.

  • You must click the install button for the installation to start.

To Install System Updates:

1, Click on the Updates button

2. Updates will be displayed if available

3. Click the "Install" or "Install All" button to begin installation

To Install Operating System Upgrades (Yearly):

1, Click on the Operating Systems button

2. Upgrades will be displayed if available 

3. Click the "Install" button to begin installation 

Note: Operating System upgrades can take a very long time to complete when connected to VPN please allow the upgrade to complete.

If you receive an error, please submit a support request here.

The Company Portal is another area where you can install Software from and will work while off network and does not require VPN to be connected.

Getting to Company Portal:

1. Click the Start Menu

2. Using your keyboard type "Company Portal"

3. Click on the Company Portal App and give it a moment to sign in and open.  

Select the Application you need installed then Click install, the application will download and then installed. 

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