SSO Invalid Authentication State: or Chromebook login issue

This article describes how to resolve an issue with the SSO where an invalid Authentication message appears or an issue with logging into the Chromebook itself happens.


The issue may also appear while using the Chrome Browser on a PC. 

There is currently an issue with District’s SSO site and Google Chrome.   The issue is scheduled to be fixed on the version 78 Release of Chrome that is tentatively scheduled to be released at the end of October.

The issue may be caused when the user resets/changes their password in the SSO or manually logs off the SSO.

Example of the error:

If a user receives the following error on a Chromebook, please have them sign out of the Chromebook and remove their profile by clicking the down arrow next to their username.  When they add a person, it will reauthenticate them and allow them into the SSO again.

(https://support.ipsd.org/solution/categories/11000005379/folders/11000019408/articles/11000021747-how-to-remove-a-user-on-a-chromebook )


If the error occurs on a Windows machine, have the user sign out of Chrome and sign into the SSO again. After successfully logging into the SSO, they can then sign back into Chrome in the upper right on the browser. 

(https://support.ipsd.org/solution/categories/11000005379/folders/11000019408/articles/11000005033-how-do-i-login-to-google-chrome- )

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