Mastery Manager - using Gradebook Paste

Gradebook Paste is a program that allows a teacher to insert Assessment scores from Mastery Manager into TAC. 

NOTE: If gradebook paste is not installed on your device please submit a support ticket to have it installed.

1. Create assignment in TAC; go to Gradebook Entry and keep TAC open.

2. In Mastery Manager from the “Assessment” tab, click on Reports next to the

appropriate test

3. Click on Generate Reports

4. Click on Gradebook (the last option under the “Export” section)

5. Select the Course/Section you will be inserting scores into from the

drop-down list.

6. Ensure your roster in Mastery Manager matches your roster in TAC!

Extra student(s) in TAC compared to Mastery Manager:

For each extra student in your TAC, create a space in the Mastery

Manager roster by dragging the yellow INSERT BLANK SPACE bar located

at the top of the screen to the exact position in the Mastery Manager

roster where the extra student is located.

Extra student(s) in Mastery Manager compared to TAC:

Remove the extra student(s) in Mastery Manager by clicking on the X

in the row with their name.

7. Once the rosters match perfectly, click on Launch Gradebook Paste

8. Click Allow

9. Go back to TAC (Gradebook Entry screen).

10. Be sure your cursor is in the correct column and on student #1

11. Press F8 to insert the scores


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