How to resolve HEIC picture format issues

This article describes how to resolve issues with photos from iPhones and Apple devices

You may receive a message requesting to install additional codecs to open picture files originally taken on an iPhone. Newer iPhones and Apple devices may, by default, capture and store picture files in a HEIC format that is not compatible with Windows and can not be viewed. The below steps describe how to change the settings on your iPhone to save future picture files in a format that Windows can open. It also describes what steps you can take to view the pictures now.

View current HEIC picture files

To view HEIC picture files on your Windows computer you must use Google Photos. Open a Chrome browser window and go to https://photos.google.com/. Click on the blue Go To Google Photos button and login with your IPSD account and SSO credentials (if prompted). To upload and view the photo, drag the HEIC file onto the white space of the Google Photos page. Close the Upload pop-up or select the Add to album or Shared album options to complete the upload process and view. 

You may redownload the file(s) from Google Photo's as a .jpg by simply selecting all the images to be saved and selecting download from the 3 dots in the upper right corner menu.

Change the picture format on iPhone

Changing the picture file format on your iPhone will enable photos to be viewable on a Windows computer. To change the picture format from HEIC to JPEG on your iPhone or Apple Device open the Settings app and tap on Camera. Choose Formats and tap Most Compatible. Note: The steps listed may differ slightly depending on the version of iOS used. 

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