How to Revert to Adobe Creative Cloud Apps to Earlier Versions

If you have installed the latest version of any Adobe App at home but need to revert to an older version you can do this by following these simple steps:

  1. Double click on the Adobe Creative Cloud icon on your desktop. This will open your Creative Cloud Desktop.





  1. Select the ellipsis icon  next to the App that you wish to downgrade. In this example I will select the Adobe Photoshop App ellipsis. Click on “Other Versions”.



  1. Click install on the previous version that you would like to install. After you click install you will see under “Included in your subscription that the older version is installing. 


  1. Once installed you will see both versions of the software in your Adobe Creative Desktop software.



**Some of the Adobe Apps may give you additional older versions. If you see this you can click on “ View more” which will send you to a different window to choose from your options.



A direct link to all previous versions is here if you would prefer to select the older version of your program this way.





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