How do I access District resources remotely using VPN?

Connecting to the IPSD 204 VPN


Initial installation of the software has been completed by IPSD 204 Technology Services staff for you. The remainder of the connection and sign-in will need to be completed by you.

Once signed in to your laptop, the GlobalProtect application will appear in the taskbar, located in the lower right hand corner. Click the ^ to expand this menu. The round, grey icon is the GlobalProtect application.


Left-click on this icon, and you will be presented with the following window. This window will only need to be completed once, and the information will be saved for future connections. Add the following to the portal address field: “vpn.ipsd.org” as shown below.


Click the “Connect” button. You will be prompted with the Sign-In window. Enter your username and password in these fields and click the “Sign In” button. This is the same username and password you use to sign into district computers and email. Do not add @ipsd.org to the username. If you receive the message “Authentication Failed.  Enter login credentials.”, please verify your credentials and try again.


Upon successful connection, the GlobalProtect icon in the taskbar will turn to color, as shown below.


To disconnect from the IPSD 204 VPN, click on the GlobalProtect icon in the taskbar, then click on the gear icon in the upper right corner, highlighted in yellow here.


Select the “Disable” button from this menu to disconnect from the IPSD 204 VPN.


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