How do I use the on-screen keyboard on my Chromebook?


          All Chromebook models


          Using the on-screen keyboard can be a temporary fix for when the physical keys on the keyboard are no longer functioning properly.  Additionally, you can plug in any USB keyboard & mouse or wireless mouse/keyboard combo to continue your work.  During e-learning days, this can be useful until the device is repaired.



  1. Click on the information window (clock, battery level, & wifi icons) in the lower right corner.
  2. In the window that just opened, click on Accessibility.

  3. In the Accessibility window, scroll down and click on On-Screen Keyboard.

    • You will see a green check mark when enabled.

  4. Once the on-screen keyboard is enabled, you will now see a keyboard icon in the lower right corner.

  5. Clicking on this keyboard icon will bring up the on-screen keyboard.

    • Clicking on the keyboard icon again will close the on-screen keyboard.

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