What troubleshooting steps can I take for Zoom meetings?


          All Windows devices


          Meetings suddenly closing

          Zoom application blocked



  • The first step we always recommend is to restart your computer.  Doing this will recheck and re-update computer policies that are set in place by the district.  
  • If a restart does not work, try launching your Zoom meetings from our SSO link.
  • Try installing the full Zoom application from our Company Portal.
  • If you are using the Zoom client (application), try joining the meeting from a web browser.
    • When you click your Zoom invitation link, select cancel from the Open Zoom Meetings pop-up, and then select click here.

    • You again will be prompted to Open Zoom Meetings, select cancel, and this time select start from your browser.

    • Your meeting will now connect using the web browser.  Please note that the web browser version has some limited functionality.

  • You can also try clearing your Google Chrome browser cookies.
    • Click the lock icon in the address bar and select cookies.

    • Next, individually select any entry that contains Zoom, and then REMOVE

    • Once the entries are removed, select DONE
    • Close your web browser completely and try again to join/host the meeting via the SSO.

  • You can also try to refresh the CyberArk policies
    • Click the up arrow in the bottom right corner of your screen
    • Right Click on the CyberArk Icon
    • Click to Request Settings

    • You will be prompted to update the CyberArk policies, select YES
      • The process will begin in the background and should take a minute to complete
    • After a minute, right click on the CyberArk icon again, this time, choose About CyberArk EPM Agent
      • Your policy should show an updated date/time

    • Restart your computer after the policy update

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