What troubleshooting steps can I take for Zoom meetings?


          All Windows devices


          Meetings suddenly closing

          Zoom application blocked

          Failed Zoom updates



1. The first step we always recommend is to restart your computer.  Doing this will recheck and re-update computer policies that are set in place by the district.  

2. If a restart does not work, try launching your Zoom meetings from our SSO link.

3. Try installing the full Zoom application from our Company Portal.

4. If you are using the Zoom client (application), try joining the meeting from a web browser.

  • When you click your Zoom invitation link, select cancel from the Open Zoom Meetings pop-up, and then select click here.

  • You again will be prompted to Open Zoom Meetings, select cancel, and this time select start from your browser.

  • Your meeting will now connect using the web browser.  Please note that the web browser version has some limited functionality.


1. Begin by clearing the Google Chrome browser cookies.

  • Click the lock icon in the address bar and select cookies.

  • Next, individually select any entry that contains Zoom, and then REMOVE

  • Once the entries are removed, select DONE
  • Close your web browser completely and try again to join/host the meeting via the SSO.

2. Next, refresh the CyberArk policies

  • Click the up arrow in the bottom right corner of your screen
  • Right Click on the CyberArk Icon
  • Click to Request Settings

  • You will be prompted to update the CyberArk policies, select YES
    • The process will begin in the background and should take a minute to complete
  • After a minute, right click on the CyberArk icon again, this time, choose About CyberArk EPM Agent
    • Your policy should show an updated date/time

  • Restart your computer after the policy update and use the Company Portal to install Zoom. 

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