How do I connect to a Zoom meeting with my Chromebook from Google Classroom?


          Elementary students trying to connect to a Zoom meeting using their school issued Chromebook via Google Classroom



The below suggestions can improve the Zoom experience when using a Chromebook:


· Minimize use of Grid or Tile view- These views are extremely processor intensive. 

· Encourage students to close other tabs or applications while on video

· Have students turn off their camera in the application when not actively participating (we see a marked improvement when the student camera is off)

· Attempt to minimize streaming videos inside video conference applications. When possible, share the video link with students and have them return to the session when the viewing is completed.

· Ask students to minimize the installation of extensions 

· Ensure devices are plugged into power when using video conferencing wherever possible

Specific KB article for G5 Chromebooks starting with Asset tag numbers 47xxxxxx:

·  https://support.ipsd.org/support/solutions/articles/11000059005


  1. Click the link just below 'Join Zoom Meeting' in the email you received from your teacher or from the link in Google Classroom

  2. Click the link at the bottom to Join from your browser
    1. Do not choose to install from the Chrome Web Store.  We have found performance issues using the Zoom app on some models of Chromebooks

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