How can I troubleshoot my camera or microphone when using Zoom on my Chromebook?


          All Chromebook models


          Microphone not working during zoom video meeting with teachers on Chromebooks.

NOTE:  If you have any stickers or tape covering the camera or the microphone holes next to the camera, this will affect your audio on the receiving end



  1. While logged in to your Chromebook, click the Launcher icon in the bottom left of the screen (looks like a white dot and circle).

  2. In the search bar, type Camera.

  3. Then select and click the Camera.

  4. Click on the video option in the camera and hit record by pressing the red record button. Record yourself for 5 seconds. Count out loud 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 while recording.

  5. Then stop the recording by pressing the red button again.

  6. Click on the small circle with the video recording on the bottom right of the camera application to playback the recording. If you can hear and see what you recorded, then your hardware is OK.

  7. If you see this message during the camera test, you may have a hardware issue with the camera. Please put in a support request.




  1. While in a Zoom meeting, click on the up arrow next to the MIC icon. Settings should be as follows:

  2. Choose same as System (Default - Internal Mic)
    • You should always use internal mic unless you have another microphone connected
      •  i.e. Wireless headsets or AirPods (check to see if they are muted)


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