Leaving the District? - Take Your Files with You

If you are leaving the district, it is important that you take your files with you so you don't lose access to your content.  


There are four places that you might have content that you are looking to save.  

We have outlined them below.  (H-Drive, Google Drive, Adobe, Email). 


  1. If you want to save the files on your H-Drive (laptop) you will either need to copy them to an external drive or upload them to a personal Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive account, please visit this help document for more information

  2. If you have files that you want to keep from Google Drive, please visit this help document.

  3. If you use Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Spark and you have files that you want to keep, please visit this help document.

  4. If you would like to create an archive of your district email, please visit this page. Tech Services can also help you with this if you complete a support center ticket.


If you have any questions about this process, please put a ticket into the Support Center and someone from Curriculum and Instruction will reach out to support you in getting the files saved that you need.  

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