Why is Google Chrome asking me to sign in?


          District Staff & Students using Windows 10 devices & the Chrome Web Browser


          The district has placed a security policy on district Windows 10 devices, that will require them to enter their SSO credentials before they can use the Chrome web browser.  Not only is this policy in place for it's security benefits but also it allows the synchronization of data (bookmarks, stored passwords, browser preferences, browsing history) to the additional district devices you may log into.



  1. When you launch Chrome, you will be asked to Sign In.  Click on You.

    • If you receive the message 'Can't use this profile', click OK.
    • Click the 3 dots, select 'Remove this person', and then start over by clicking on You.

  2. Enter in your full IPSD email address.

  3. This will then direct you to our SSO where you will enter in your first_lastname  & your district password like usual.

  4. Once you are authenticated with the SSO, the Chrome browser will launch, and you will be asked to Turn On Sync.
    • Select Yes, I'm In.

  5. All your settings will begin to sync from Google and you may have to restart the Chrome browser to see all changes.

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