Student, what if I do not know my password?

Please Note:
 This guide is not necessary if you are at school

If you are at school, please see your teacher (K-5 only), LMC Staff, Main Office Staff, Guidance Staff, or Technology Services. Any of these staff members can help with password retrieval.


Please proceed with this guide if you are NOT currently at school

Items to Note Before Proceeding:

  • Use student’s Chromebook or a personal laptop/computer to complete steps. 
    1. ParentVUE on a mobile device may not be sufficient to retrieve necessary information as side menu may not be present.
  • ParentVUE and “Student Remote Forgot Password” websites can be accessed on student Chromebooks via the Apps section at the lower left of the screen, prior to log in, by clicking on "ParentVUE Login" or "Student Remote Forgot Password"

The following will help parent/guardian and their student in retrieving information necessary to use “Student Remote Forgot Password” form found at https://sso.ipsd.org/portal/claim/step1.

  1. Parent will visit ParentVUE at https://il-ipsd-psv.edupoint.com/PXP2_Login_Parent.aspx and log in with their ParentVUE username/password.
  2. Using the drop-down menu in the upper left-hand corner, parent/guardian will select the student who needs a password reset, noting student ID number.
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  3. Parent/guardian will click the "Student Info" tab.
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  4. Parent/Guardian will scroll down to locate “Student Self-Service Password Change PIN” and provide the student with that PIN. Take note of this PIN for the next step.
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  5. Student visits https://sso.ipsd.org/portal/claim/step1
  6. Enter your username (without k12.ipsd.org), your student ID number, and the self-service password PIN provided by your parent/guardian.
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  7. After verifying this information, you can enter your new password.

Additionally, you may be asked to also remove the student's profile from their Chromebook before attempting to sign in again. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the article How to Remove a User Profile on a Chromebook.

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