Viewing Attendance Information

The Attendance screen displays the student’s attendance records. The student’s attendance record opens with the "List View" that displays all the days the student was absent or tardy, along with the reason and notes associated with each entry. Totals display at the bottom of the list. Icons on the Attendance screen provide the reasons for non-attendance. Information displays in two main sections. The Attendance Calendar displays a visual record of absences for the student. The Totals by Course and Period section displays attendance totals by course and period. You can also view the attendance total by days in the Days of Attendance section.

  1. Click Attendance in the Navigation bar.
  2. Click Calendar View to display the absences in the date they occurred and view a specific time period.
    • Click the right or left arrows to go forward or backward by months.
    • Click the Month to select a different month to view.
  3. Click the right or left arrows to scroll between months or select the Focus menu to select a month to view.
  4. Click an absence reason to view the details to view details for the attendance.
    The Secondary Attendance Detail screen lists the class scheduled for each period, the room number, the teacher’s name, and the type of absence.
  5. Hover over a course in the Totals by Course section to view absence details.
  6. Select Detail in the Days of Attendance section. The icons indicate the attendance information for that period and date.

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