Reviewing the Grade Book and Charts

The following charts provide additional detail about the Grade Book:

Title Description Grade Book Example

Assignment History

  • Assignments and scores from the last two weeks

Class Grades Chart

  • The percent of students in the section earning each mark/grade.
  • Top 5 marks are colored blue, pin, yellow, green, and light blue
  • Gray are marks lower than the top 5

Class Performance Whisker

  • Gray indicates the total possible percentage a student can earn
  • Green is the actual percentage the student earned
  • TOTAL bar combines the values for all of the other bars

Grade History Chart

  • Shows trends in overall grade for sections
  • Green is the current value
  • Blue is the highest overall grade earned for the section
  • Red is the lowest overall grade earned for the section
  • Line represents the overall grade changes that are not equal to the highest, lowest, or current grade

Subject Weight Chart

  • Displays the Current Grade and Percent of Grade the student earned for the section

Upcoming Assignments

  • Shows assignments due today or tomorrow
  • Shows the next 5 assignments if nothing is due today or tomorrow

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