How to Resolve Audio Issues in Zoom Meetings on G5 Chromebook (only)

This article describes how to resolve audio issues while in Zoom meetings on G5 Chromebooks. You can tell if your Chromebook is a G5 model by looking at the IPSD Property Tag on the device, all G5 Chromebooks have an Asset Tag beginning with the numbers 47xxxxx.   

Making these Changes to other models may adversely effect performance.

1. Open a Zoom Meeting and click on the caret next to the Mute button. 

2. Click on Audio Settings

3. Click the checkbox next to Automatically adjust microphone volume. The selection should now have a blue box and white check mark. (Note: the setting will remain checked and this process does not need to be repeated with each new Zoom Meeting.)

4. Leave the meeting and rejoin. After rejoining the audio should be clearer. 

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