How to Create a Picture Login for K-1 Students


Steps for Creating a Picture Login

NOTE:  To create a Picture Password as an alternate password option, a student must be registered for the current (2020-2021) school year and is only available for K-1 students.


Username Convention:

Full First Name + First 3 Letters of the Last Name + Last 4 Digits of Student ID Number


If you do not know you Student’s current Username you can look that info up in the ParentVue website along with the Student ID and Password reset PIN.  The ParentVue and SSO Reset links are available on the Students Chromebook in the Apps icon available from the login screen.


Setting Up Picture Login 

  1. Power on the Chromebook.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Enter your District username and click “Go”



  1. Select 4 pictures that will be used to login to the SSO for future logins.

(Note: If a student does not find a preferred picture, click the recycle button and 9 new images will load.)


  1. After selecting four (4) pictures, enter your District password and click “Go”.

(Note: Any picture can be changed by clicking and selecting a new image.)




  1. Future logins to the Chromebook/SSO will use the District username and the four (4) pictures without needing to type the password.

**Please note, the picture login will only work on Chromebooks .



Steps for Resetting Picture Logins 

The Single Sign-On Portal allows the user the ability to reset their login images using their District password. Follow the steps below. 

  1. After entering your District username, scroll down (right side), click the “Try another method” link at the bottom of the Pictograph Authentication screen. 



  1. Enter your District password and click ‘Go’. 



  1. If a Google Welcome/Get Started screen appears, click on the Get Started Button.




  1. Navigate to the ‘Account’ button on the mid-right side of the SSO window. You will see the student name and a down arrow on the right. Click on the down arrow to see options.


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  1. Click the ‘Reset Pictograph’ option. Confirm you want to reset by clicking on “YES”.  A message, “The Pictograph reset is complete” will be displayed under the Dashboard notification bar.


                        A screenshot of a cell phone

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  1. Click on the Sign Out button in the lower right corner of the screen. On Exiting Session pop up, click Sign Out.


  1. The Chromebook will return to the “Sign In to Your Chromebook” screen. Click Next. Enter the student username.  Click on Go.


  1. Follow the steps for choosing four (4) images. When the four images have been selected, you will be prompted to enter the original password to complete the picture updates.



Contact your student’s teacher for general questions


email support@ipsd.org for issues with your student’s Chromebook.

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