Chromebook Mic Volume and Headphone setup


My Chromebook microphone isn’t working when I plug in headphones or Mic volume is low (people cannot hear me)



If a student is using headphones instead of a headset they will need to ensure that the Chromebook audio settings is set to use the Internal Mic.   Additionally, the Mic volume on the Chromebook may be set to low.

If using external Headset:

Important distinction between headphones and headsets.

  • Headphones are audio listening devices only
  • Headsets are audio listening devices that include a microphone for speech input


Chromebook Mic/Headphone/Headset Audio Settings will need to be adjusted

Checking Audio settings:

When first plugging in headphones you should see the volume options popup in the lower right corner of the screen.  If you do not see that option or want to change it at any time you can click on the lower right button where the time is shown.  Clicking on this arrow will bring up the Audio Settings.

To check the microphone volume levels click the right arrow below then adjust the volume for either the internal or external Mic/Microphone as appropriate (per the direction below).

Headphones – Desired Settings are the Headphones for output and the Microphone (internal).

Headset – Desired Settings are the Headphone and Microphone of the headset plugged in.   In the image below it is the Logitech USB Headphones for Output and Logitech USB Microphone for Input

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