Turn a Spare Laptop or Desktop to a Wireless Display ("Second Monitor" - Windows 10 Only***)

*** Applies to most Windows 10 laptops and desktops some devices may not be compatible due to hardware limitations.


How to Turn Your Personal Computer into a Wireless Display


Enable "Projecting to this PC" on your second device (laptop or desktop) to use as a second display.

  • Press Windows Key + K key together

  • The sidebar will show, click on "Projecting to this PC”

  • Match the settings below. 
    1. Available everywhere - Wireless "Projecting to this PC" is always available.
    2. Every time a connection is requested - A window pop up to allow connection as wireless display.
    3. Never - Toggle switch to enforce pin or not to enforce pin
    4. Off - you can toggle this setting on an off to disable discovery if the unit is not plugged in to power. 
    5. PC Name – just take note of this name. It will come up later in this document.


Connect to your second display using your first device (laptop or desktop). 

  • Press Windows Key + K key together on your district laptop
  • Allow time for your PC name to show in the list.

  • Click on your computer name and connect, click on “change projection mode” to extend.

  • Click extend to extend to the second screen (laptop screen). Windows + P will bring these options back to select, duplicate or extend.


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