Sharing your screen (Android) with the Zoom Desktop Client

Please note: The screen mirroring feature can cause the device battery to drain quickly. We recommend connecting your device charger while running this feature. We also recommend using a WiFi connection vs. a Cellular Data connection due to high data use.

1. From the Play Store on your Android device search for Zoom Cloud Meetings or use the following link https://play.google.com/store/apps/-details?id=us.zoom.videomeetings&hl=en_US
to install the Zoom app for Android.

2. Begin your Zoom meeting and note the number in the invite link after the https://ipsd.zoom.us/j/

In the example image it is 91827456946. This is the Meeting ID you will need to enter later.

3. Launch the App on your Android device and choose to Sign In and enter in the same ipsd.org credentials you used to start the Zoom meeting. You will then be routed through the district’s Single Sign-on to complete the sign-in.

4. Once signed in you should see your account listed and several meeting optioned. Select the Share Screen option. You will be then be prompted to enter the Meeting ID.

5. You will be prompted with a disclaimer and if this is your first time trying to share your screen since installing the app on your device you will also need to
Allow Zoom to display over other apps. Once you turn that option on back out of the page using the back arrow in the upper left.

6. You should now be casting your Android screen over the Zoom call. You will see a movable menu on the bottom of your screen allowing you to Annotate or Stop Sharing. Within Annotate there are a few options such as Spotlight, Pen and Highlighter. The Color tab will give you options to change the color and thickness. There are also Undo, Redo and Clear buttons as well.

7. Now if you’d like to use your phone’s built-in camera to display a live image you can. Launch your phone’s Camera App to act as a document camera.

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