How do I Disable or Remove a Google Chrome Extension?

Occasionally an optional extension may be causing issues with a particular Chromebook.  

  • Extensions follow the user and are sorted online.   If the same issue happens on 2 different Chromebooks, it can usually be traced to an extension issue.

  • Extensions are small helper application that add particular functionality or quick launch actions to Chrome.

Steps how to remove or disable an extension are below.


  1. With Google Chrome open, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner
  2. Select More Tools
  3. Then choose Extensions


  4. Now go through the list of extensions, removing or disable the ones you do not recognize and/or no longer need.
    • Some extensions cannot be removed or disabled as these are Required by the District.
      • These are light blue in color.
    • To disable move the slider  so the bar is grey.

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