How to Update your Zoom Desktop Client or Check your Version Number (Windows Only)

Sign in to your Zoom Client before you continue: 

  • Click Sign In once the zoom application opens.

  • Click "Sign In with SSO"

  • Click "Continue" if the next window appears exactly like below

  • Click "Open Zoom Meetings"

To Update Zoom:

  • Open the Zoom Desktop Client as shown above
  • Click your initials or photo on the upper right of the Zoom Client
  • Click  "Check for Updates"
  • Once Zoom has downloaded the update. Click the blue update button and allow the update to complete.  

To Check your Zoom Desktop Version:

  • Click your Start Menu
  • Scroll down to the bottom of your list of applications and click on the Zoom folder. If you don't see it click here to Install Zoom Desktop Client
  • Click on "Start Zoom" if not signed in please sign in with SSO.
  • Click your photo or initials in the upper right of the Zoom application then click Help -> About Zoom.

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