How do I enable live transcription / closed captioning in my Zoom meeting?

A special thanks to Katy Cook for putting together this great walkthrough video!

  1. Click Live Transcript at the bottom of the Zoom Toolbar.
  2. When the Live Transcription menu opens, click Enable Auto-Transcription.

  3. To turn off Live Transcription, click Disable Auto-Transcription in the Live Transcript menu.

Once Live Transcription is enabled, participants have the option to choose how they want to view the transcription feature.

  1. Click Live Transcript to choose a transcript option.
    A picture showing the Live Transcript key
    1. Show Subtitles displays subtitles on the screen.
    2. View Full Transcript displays subtitles in real-time with both the speaker's name and a time-stamp within the transcript window. We recommend this setting as best practice.
    3. Subtitle Settings will open a window where you can adjust the font size of both the subtitles and the chat window.
  2. Click "Show Subtitle" to view subtitles and the speaker.

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