Orient and Align a SB680 SMART Board

Orient and Align a SB680

1.    Press and hold the two large pen tray buttons at the same time. The orientation screen opens. 

Note: If the smart board orientation screen does not appear on the correct display please press the spacebar on your keyboard until the orientation screen appears on your smartboard.

2.    Pick up a pen from the pen tray.

3.    Beginning at the upper-left corner of the screen, touch the center of the target firmly with the tip of the pen until the target moves to the next point. 

        a.    Try not to flick the pen when you lift it from the screen, and make sure that the lift direction is at a right angle to the screen. 

                Note: Although you can use your finger to orient your interactive whiteboard, a fine-point tool such as a smart pen provides greater precision when touching the targets.  

4.    Repeat step 3 until you arrive at the last point. 

5.    At the last point, touch the center of the target firmly and continue pressing until the message “Please wait while Orientation completes” appears. 

6.    The orientation screen closes, and the process is complete.


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